I grew up in Alberta, short summers, even shorter autumns and long cold winters. Hummingbirds came in the summer but sightings were still rare and special occasions. I would get quite excited to see their flittering. I live on Vancouver Island now and we have LOTS of hummingbirds and I still get just as excited to see them darting about. They are a favourite subject to paint and I admit to taking some creative licence when it comes to colour and markings. This piece went through several stages: a fluid acrylic pour, layers of paint, scanning, printing and repainting until I was happy with the softness and harmony in the background, hence the name of the piece. The little hummingbird has soft touches of iridescent paint on its wings. Harmony will also eventually be available in my shop as an 8″ x 10″ archival poster print suitable for DIY framing.

PRICES (includes tax)

5 X 5    $45

6 x 6    $60

8 x 8    $75

10 x 10   $90

12 x 12   $110

16 x 16   $250

24 x 24  $375

  • size options are in inches


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Resin Prints…

I started making prints of my work in the past year. I use high resolution scans to create a great quality print in various sizes. The print is adhered to a gallery index (1.5″ high) wood panel using my custom process. The image is sealed with medium, varnish and finished with a smooth coat of art resin for a hyper glossy finish. I appreciate that art is an investment and while owning an original is desirable it is often not easy on the finances! I developed this process to share my work on a smaller and more affordable scale. My resin prints are perfect for any room in your home or office, They sit well on shelves and mantles and do not need to be hung on a wall to enjoy. They make adding to and changing your decor easy, affordable and they make fantastic gifts.

I’m always adding new work however of you see something in my galleries that is to in my shop, please contact me. Custom orders and commissions are always welcome.


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