Grace In Stillness


Grace in Stillness

12″ x 12″ x 1″ acrylic, mixed media on round birch panel

“Grace” typically refers to smoothness and elegance of movement, while “Stillness” suggests a lack of movement or motion, often accompanied by a sense of peace or calm. Together, these words evoke a sense of poise, calmness, and elegance in a peaceful, undisturbed state, which is fitting for a painting of a heron standing still.

Herons are considered to be symbols of grace, patience, and determination in many cultures. Here are some of the symbolic meanings associated with herons:

  • In ancient Egypt, herons were seen as symbols of creation, rebirth, and the sun. They were also associated with the goddess Isis.
  • In Native American culture, herons are considered to be symbols of self-reliance, balance, and good judgment.
  • In Japanese culture, herons are associated with purity, grace, and prosperity. They are also seen as a symbol of good luck and longevity.



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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 7.5 cm